Rob Andrews lives and works in Brooklyn. He has shown work at the Museum of Modern Art, Exit Art, Grace Exhibition Space, and is represented by English Kills Art Gallery. He recently enacted mass group feet cleanings in Union Square as part of Art in Odd Places, and in Bitola, Macedonia as part of the Exchange Radical Moments Live Art Festival on 11.11.11. He is a 2010-11 Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art recipient.

artist statement:

My practice is about fear, blood and spit--the susurration of gain and loss beyond language. I'm afraid we'll lose the old stories, or they'll change so much we'll forget the stink of each other. I enact rituals and tell stories using my body and the bodies of others. If stories aren't re-told and distorted, they petrify.

I steal from tradition, religious practice, and my collaborators. I get their stories wrong on purpose in order to make them right in another way. My practice involves personal intervention into the muck of inherited mythology, public actions, and volunteer and forced collaborations.